Fabulous Job, Thank You Stuart !!

“Upon submitting a song for consideration, Stuart gave a very quick response and an encouraging critique, despite the rather bare bones nature of my recording. He basically took my song demo and, after a brief discussion of the sound I envisaged, realized the full concept that was in my head. I am thrilled with the way he makes the song build and build to that great ending, just great. My original demo is still here on MusicXray so you can listen to that and then to the Stuart Epps Mix and make up your own mind. Stuart is very generous with ideas and suggestions, clearly his vast experience allows him to call upon a reservoir of concepts for different sounds. With great patience, he was always open to my vision of how I wanted the song to sound and very ready, with all means at his disposal, to achieve what I was looking for. Stuart also, very helpfully, suggested using the great voice of Juliet Gough to do harmony and give a really haunting sound to the ending – Fabulous! I am truly grateful that I found Stuart via Music XRay and amazed at how approachable a guy with his background turned out to be. A visit to Stuart’s own website can give a much fuller insight into this producer’s work and history and he’s got some great tracks on there too, in particular, the videos and tracks under “new artists”. And, of course, he’s a very good musician as his “Tribal Music” album will attest. I believe he played all the instruments on that one. In short, Stuart’s work is superlative, and he’s great to work with!”