From “Good” To “Legendary

“When trying to get to the top of your game in the music business, you have to roll the dice. I did in my hiring of Stuart, and there aren’t enough positive words in the dictionary to describe his abilities. The track I sent him was solid, but to get a publishing deal, I needed some better mixing and production. Stuart suggested a better mix and background vocals, and what I got was a wall of sound that can only be described as “awesome”. I have never had a professional mix my music so I did not know what to expect, but when you demo your track to friends and family that have heard your work over time, it is priceless to hear their jaws drop and hear the utterance of “wow”, “amazing” and “stunning” come out of their mouths. Stu’s expertise is second to none and his professionalism is through the roof. I received my work back quickly for a first take and then a couple of revisions later we were ready to go. To say this process was amazing is an understatement, and I thank Stu very much for taking my song from “good” to “legendary”. Hear the final product on and do yourself a favor – hire Stu and go from “good” to “legendary”. Exit 22″