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Create Your Next Hit with Stuart Epps

If you want to work with the best record producer in the UK, you have come to the right place. Stuart Epps has worked with some of music’s greatest superstars, including Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Twisted Sister, and more. Now he is offering that same talent to up-and-coming musicians. Find out how he can help you edit and produce an amazing track today.


Take the Next Step in Your Career

If you want to be a professional musician, it is essential to have a quality recording to share with record labels or other industry professionals. Stuart Epps has worked at some of the top labels in the industry on all stages of music production and performance. He has in-depth industry knowledge, and he knows what sells and what record labels are interested in. This gives your career the best chance for success.

Work with a Passionate Music Producer

Music producer Stuart Epps has been passionate about music since he was a young boy. He began his career at fifteen, working as a runner for Dick James Music – the Beatle’s first publisher. Now, he is committed to sharing that talent for music production with artists worldwide, including exciting new unsigned artists. He can take a simple vocal track and remix it into a work of art, adding different instruments and enhancing the quality until it is a marketable track listeners love.

Stuart Epps is Available Online or In-Person

If you want to work with Stuart Epps, but you aren’t located near his recording studio, or can’t afford studio time, that is no problem. He offers virtual music production services and works with artists all over Europe, in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and beyond. As long as you have a clear audio track, he can take it and create a track you can’t wait to share with the world.


Whether you choose to work with Stuart Epps in person or online, he can guide you through the process of recording your track to ensure that it features the best audio possible. This allows you to create the best-finished product that sells.


Stuart Epps has helped some of the most prominent artists in the world arrange and rearrange their pieces to ensure they inspire a deep emotional impact to listeners. He will take the song you’ve created and turn it into the music you wanted to make, so it strikes an emotional chord with your fans.

Mixing and Mastering

If you are recording your track at home with just the power of your vocals and maybe a piano or guitar, it may sound a bit flat. Record producer Stuart Epps can help you add new instruments, enhance the quality, and more to give it a professionally polished vibe.

A New Golden Age of Music Production

Technology has made it possible for musicians and music producers from all over the world to connect and collaborate on top-performing tracks. This allows unsigned artists to create professional and marketable singles under the guidance of expert music producers. This has opened up unlimited possibilities for everyone involved.

Whether you are an American record producer looking for top talent in Europe or the other way around, it is easier than ever to share and create music. Stuart Epps is determined to be at the forefront of this exciting new time in music history by offering his services remotely to talent across the globe.

How to Work with One of the Best Music Producers in the UK

– Step 1: Get in Touch

Contact us today to get started. We are here to listen to your goals for your music and help you determine how to best achieve them. Whether you are trying to get a record deal or release your track independently, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

– Step 2: Record Your Track

Once we understand what you are looking to achieve, we will need a recording of your track. It may be recorded in a studio or at home, as long as the quality is decent. The better the audio, the more options we will have to work with.

– Step 3: In-Depth Music Production

Stuart Epps has the talent to turn your beautiful melody into a work of art. He can add drums, and other instrumentals, synthesize new sounds, and enhance the quality and sound of your recording without sacrificing the integrity of your vision.

– Step 4: Release Your Song to the World

After he is done producing your track, you are free to release it as a single or use it as a demo. Whether you need a professional sample to show a record label or you want to release your song independently, you will have a radio-quality piece your fans will appreciate.

Why Choose Stuart Epps?

Few music producers have as much experience as Stuart Epps. Not only is he an exceptional music producer with a talent for discovering the next big thing, but he has been involved in all aspects of the music industry, from in-studio recording to going on massive tours with Elton John, John Lennon, and more. He has been on the frontlines of some of the most significant moments in music history and is thrilled to be offering his expertise to the next generation of music legends.

How Much Does Music Production Cost with Stuart Epps?

With new technology and the ability to work remotely, working with a legendary producer is more accessible than ever before. Each track is different and requires special attention to detail. Contact us today to get a quote.

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