Remote Mixing An Eddie Kramer Mix Was Intimidating

by | May 8, 2022

Hi there Stewart Epps here welcome to Stu’s Tubes.

And uh going to be doing these videos from time to time let you know what’s going on in my world here.

Um just a little bit of a background what I’ve been doing for many years now is working with a great company called Music X-Ray and this was put together by Mike Mccready. Tt was a great idea he’s putting people in the public, musicians, artists, he’s putting them in touch with people in the music business like myself, record producers, engineers, music publishers, record companies.

So that we can all interact and uh in my case I’ve been interacting with artists um taking their home recordings, because lots of people have got home studios now.

So taking those home recordings and adding the production and remixing and taking them in my studio here and Cookham Berkshire, where I’ve worked with Elton John and Led Zeppelin and Chris Rea and Twisted Sister and lots of great bands in the past.

And um using my experience to bring them up quality wise so that they’re they’re ready for release or for broadcast.

And um you know having a great time doing that it’s remote producing really working with artists from all over the place, all over the world and recently um had a artist from America get in touch with me uh by a music x-ray Alan Lorden his name is.

Never worked with him before we we’ve sort of got friends that uh you know we’ve got um interest with and he basically sent me this rock track called um Yoga Mama and I really liked it straight away.

But I also thought that uh maybe the the mix wasn’t great and then he tells me that it was only mixed by the great Eddie Kramer who um of course I’ve heard of he’s been around for more years than me actually working with The Beatles and The Stones and Led Zeppelin.

So um I was a bit intimidated there I don’t really want to step on his shoes at the same time I could imagine how this mix could be better really.

So Alan sent me all the parts and I got to work on it and there’s some great playing Allen’s a brilliant keyboard player and he’s brought together these great musicians great guitarists a brilliant singer very much like an ACDC type singer there.

I worked on it for quite a while and was very happy to uh to get it sounding I think getting it sounding better really with the drums and everything else.

So sent it back to Alan and he’s uh very well well pleased with it uh sent me a great little paragraph there that I’ll put at the bottom of this video of how pleased he was with it and and so I’m looking forward to receiving more uh music like that that i can work on and we’re going to be very happy and keep this music alive and making great sounds so good to see you here and speak to you again soon cheers bye.

Holy Moly – sounds like an AC/DC track! This is really amazing Stu!

I have other songs that I’ve been want to cut but haven’t been motivated but this has brought me back to life.

You put this right where I thought it should be but wasn’t happening.
Alan Lorden