Absolutely priceless all of it – I have just spent one of the best afternoons reading and looking at the photos – thank you Stuart for taking the time and trouble to share this – once again – Bravo – wish I could have been a tea-lady when you were office boy and seen and heard and done what you have !

Trudi Higgins

I agree with Sandee, where are the photos of The Fables?

Great site Stuart really good x


What a brilliant memory, I just finished reading ‘Elton/The Early Years’ and it brought it all back to me. Great times and a whole lot of laughs……..and it ain’t over yet !!!
Keep on rockin’ my Shwepp…you da man!
Love Sid
Clive Franks

Just a wonderful site and extremely interesting stories and pictures Stu. What great life experiences you’ve had! Thanks for sharing this bit of important history with all of us. I believe with your brilliant work, there will be many more to come!
Don Cook

HEY STUART. Not sure of you remember me i was a office boy at dicks from 1971-1972. Then went onto Olympic studios for 2 yrs as assitant engineer, worked with Chris Kimsey, keith Harwood, glynn Johns. I came to the US in 1974 and have lived here in nyc ever since. I now have a management company and i am just about to work on a record with a band from the Uk New Cassettes in New York. i always remembered you and berril, and i also saw sandra Brooks in new york in the late 70s when she worked for Robert Sigwood. I remember taking the original denim jacket with madaman on the back to the printers on fleet street.
anyway just wanted to say hi man and hope all is well with you .
best andy
Andy Morris

I enjoyed this site and seeing these pictures Stuart.

I was half expecting to see a picture of The Fables too!

Sandi Ostwind

Hi Stuart, What a fabulous historic site! I hope there’s more to come. Love Petra x
Petra Furlonge

Great site Stuart. What an amazing history. I?d love to work with you some time. Best of luck with future projects.

Ken Mac Neill
Ottawa, Canada

Ken MacNeill

Dearest Stuart,

Quite the History there..many others I had not been aware of. Greatest success with the site and future endeavors.


Darius Adrik Salvo I Kings