When Twisted Sister’s Producer First Heard Them He Thought They Were Crap!

by | May 22, 2023

When the new producer of Twisted Sister first heard the band, their initial impression was less than favorable. In an interview with engineer producer Stuart Epps, known for his work with renowned artists like Elton John, Robbie Williams, and Jimmy Page, we gained some insights into his experience working with Twisted Sister.

Epps recounted the amusing story of how the band barged into his studio unannounced, claiming that they were there because Phil Carson, who was running Atlantic Records at the time, had assigned Epps as their producer. Surprised by the unexpected visit, Epps made a quick phone call to Carson to confirm the news, only to find out that it was indeed true.

As the band played a track called “Under the Blade” from their album, Epps couldn’t help but feel unimpressed. In fact, he thought it was the worst thing he had ever heard. Despite his initial skepticism, Epps remained open-minded and asked if they had any other material. That’s when they played a snippet of a track called “I Am I Me,” which caught Epps’ attention with its potential and reminiscent sound of The Who.

The band returned to the studio to work on the album, and despite the simplicity and rawness of their rock tracks, Epps found the members of Twisted Sister to be great guys. Contrary to their stage persona and reputation for swearing, Epps discovered that Dee, the lead singer, didn’t even drink and was one of the straightest rock musicians he had encountered.

Epps decided to produce “I Am I Me” as a pop single, giving it a polished structure and memorable solos. The result was a massive hit, and the band appeared on the iconic UK show, Top of the Pops, with Epps cheering them on from the audience.

Overall, Epps acknowledged that Twisted Sister’s image and stage presence were an act, a well-executed performance that propelled them to sell millions of records.

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